The Power of Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

Nelson Mandela

My parents understood the value of education and always pushed me to learn more in order to be in a more informed position. You can never have too much knowledge and knowledge is power. I have never seen it as a ‘weapon’ but I do understand what he meant by that. Education is there for each person to use as they wish and the knowledge learnt can be used to appropriately challenge perspectives or bring fresh ideas to the table. For example, I am using my education to appropriately challenge discrimination and injustice in education systems. Mandela used his education to free a nation. What a hero!

Education taught me more than what was provided in the syllabus, it taught me how to respect people, respect myself and understand my own strengths and weaknesses. If we think about the power of education, it means different things to different people. For one person, education is a means of liberation so they are able to understand and challenge injustices that they may face. For another person, education is a means of social mobility within a capitalist society that values high academic attainment.

I have never been the most astute learner and thinking back at my experience with the knowledge I have now, there are plenty of areas that I think have not changed which probably did affect my experience. I hold nothing against my teachers as I do think the problems are systemic. For example, have you ever thought about why secondary schools are so much bigger than primary schools? You don’t need to have special educational needs or a disability to struggle with a transition as big as primary to secondary school but it certainly makes it worse. The ‘survival of the fittest’ culture surrounding the secondary transition is concerning for all pupils. I relied on the sympathy of a popular Year 11 pupil and the SEN office with adults onsite to get me through my first year. How much does the education system prepare children & young people for transitions?

All I want is more equality in education to remove the barriers at an early stage that society puts on disadvantaged learners. If education is a powerful weapon like Mandela says, then not all learners are adequately equipped to change the world. All voices should matter in a just world which is what I believe we all want but it’s funny how education should be for all but the cost is too high in specific areas of the developing world or the quality and access to education is negatively affected by what disability or learning need the learner may have.

For a second, think about your first and last day of primary school and secondary school? Did you feel that it equipped you to change the world?

If not, what do you think it did not teach you that you may have wanted to learn?

Photo by Gregory Fullard on Unsplash