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Advice & Consultation

It is important that all children receive a suitable education and any barriers to this are removed. Many barriers still exist and advice/support could be useful to you, your child, school, organisation or group in finding effective solutions which include all, irrespective of individual differences.

I provide helpful and insightful advice to a range of clients including but not limited to schools, parents, charities, local government and businesses who have an invested interest in special education, disability awareness, inclusion, equality and diversity.

I decided to launch a free fortnightly virtual advice clinic to provide people with helpful solutions to their circumstances. The consultation will last 30 minutes and I will be able to signpost you appropriately. If your query requires more time, then I can provide a number of paid services to support you.

Feel free to book a slot today using the link above. I run the clinic fortnightly on a Monday evening!

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