Exciting development following my 5-month hiatus

Being afraid in life can stop you from achieving your full potential and doing the things you love the most. It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. A lot has happened since though. The two 3 biggest highlights since my last post are

  1. My trip to Abuja, Nigeria

I had the pleasure of meeting with the founder of the Zamarr Institute, a special educational needs school in Abuja. In July, I took a trip to Nigeria with my family to spend some quality time and understand special education within the context of my ethnic origin. I was grateful for the opportunity to observe and understand what special education is like in Nigeria. The trip has made me embrace my culture and realise that the principles of inclusion are the same everywhere.

2. First year of my Masters degree done

I completed the first year of my Masters degree and finished the proposal for my research. I cannot share it all with you yet but it surrounds the ‘global majority’ and understanding social justice issues in the English education system for parents of children with SEND. I have another exciting year left and hope that my research makes a difference.

3. The Black and Asian Leadership Initiative

I took part in the Black and Asian Leadership Initiative (BALI) programme run by The Staff College which is designed at encouraging those from the ‘global majority’ backgrounds to have the confidence to step into senior leadership positions within children’s services. It was awesome to step into my power and see myself as part of a ‘Global Majority’. Thanks to Rosemary Campbell-Stephens & Meera Spillett for teaching me how.

These three highlights have inspired me to remain confident in making a difference for children and young people with SEND, particularly those from Global Majority backgrounds and doing what I love. It has given me the confidence to announce a new exciting virtual clinic offering advice to a range of people on issues relating to SEND & social justice issues in education.

The link can be found on the menu of this webpage. Feel free to book a free initial 30 minutes if you are interested or recommend to a friend if they are looking for support or advice.

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